Simple Rules

  • Know that your larger and wiser self is not physical and it knows no boundaries. Limits are created by you in your physical experience.

  • You are here for a reason. Not to be tested, but to thrive and be happy. Feel good, and you will be fulfilling your reason for being here now.

  • You are free to choose. Begin with your thoughts. Your thoughts should make you happy. Everything else will follow and take you to the complete freedom that is your right.

  • Your creative energy begins with thought. When your thoughts are joyful, they will help you attract all that is good.

  • Your thoughts give way to emotions. These emotions are the language of your inner self. What you feel indicates whether you are letting your true self manifest. Your natural state is one of joy.

  • The Universe/God/Allah/ is all the same. This energy knows your intentions. You are naturally good, so your primary intentions are good. Stay on the path of your intentions.

  • Appreciate your life. All that you have access to.  As you appreciate, you will attract more of the same into your life.

  • Allow others to experience themselves. Keep your attention on what makes you happy and you will attract those who harmonize with you.

  • Your actions are inspired by your joy. When you are in a state of joy, what you do will yield the results you desire.

  • Life is all there is. Death is but a natural process that has been demonized by humans. Your body is a vehicle that you will discard when the time comes.

  • In other words: Stay happy and mind your own business. Expect wellbeing and wonderful events to come to your life.

Guideposts toward your destination: Joy!

I am astounded by the many different ways in which human beings have sought to make sense of life and the universe, and to live in a way that guaranteed their "afterlife." I have studied many philosophies, was a member of the Rosicrucian order for over ten years, have made a living writing astrological charts, practiced Kriya yoga, meditation, Tai-Chi, studied the tarot, and have done the Course in Miracles twice as part of my personal search. And at this point in life, when I have achieved a comfortable, happy lifestyle and a great expectation for wonderful events to come to my experience, I have found that the most profound rules are not rules at all, but very natural tendencies always at our reach. They are part of us and have always been there for us to allow them to guide us.

If this is so, why is so much unhappiness in the world? Why do people run into the same mistakes over and over? Why is there war, poverty, famine, drug addiction, crime, cruelty toward humans and animals? In my view, it all has to do with habits of thought. Habits are learned, and we keep them, foster them, and live by them because we don't know better. We heard our parents recite their own rules, whether they made for a happy existence or not, and we have learned. We have learned to seek approval, to please others, and to forget that we are divine beings full of wisdom. We forget that we have come to this physical experience to be happy creators of our own reality.

The most beautiful part of our experience is that the rules of good living are so simple.

Observe a toddler. She expects to have what she wants. If she doesn't have what she wants the instant she desires it, she will make the world know, loudly. She will crinkle her face, close her fists, and scream in protest. She knows she is worthy, she knows that just by being, she deserves good things to come to her. The toddler knows nothing of manipulation, of having to please anyone to get what she wants, or that she may not get the object of her desire. But those adults around her will certainly teach her about their twisted ways.

We can be like toddlers. If we assume that every step in our life is like lighting a match, we can have it all.

Lighting a match? What does lighting a match have to do with toddlers?

When we take a match and strike it against the rough surface of the box, we expect to see the flame. We don't think "I wonder if I will get a flame." We expect it to work. Say the matches are wet. Okay, we will try with another box. No big deal. 99.9% of the time we do get a flame.

We are worthy. Things will work for us if we expect them to work. 
If we can feel the purity of this principle all will be well.

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